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When is an upgrade not an upgrade? When your investment in new controls do not provide you with additional capabilites beyond what you currently have today.  Upgrade by definition is to raise to a higher standard, and that is exactly what we do!  The TEMPCOM control solution is more than heat and speed control, it is a proven architecture that gives you advanced features giving you better management of the process and performance in addition to a system that is easier to understand and diagnose.


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ICT recommends and communicates directly with the D.R. Joseph solution, whether you wish to integrate to an existing control, or have one provided, we can work with D.R. Joseph to get you what you need.  The latest 3rd Generation IBC system can improve production rates 25 to 50% when adding IBC control to a blown film line, and 8‐15% in production over competing IBC systems on the market. The 3rd Generation System guarantees such rates by providing extremely tight layflat control, optimizing your systems inlet and outlet airflow, and allowing for higher cooling air exchange rates while maintaining precision control of your layflat.

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Each American Kuhne extruder includes a Steward Barrier Screw that is custom designed for high output and low melt temperature. Their design maintains excellent melt quality and pressure stability resulting in optimized film optical and physical properties.

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Convertible extruders are engineered for extreme flexibility. This unique machine features the ability to quickly and easily change from smooth feed to grooved feed for “swing line” blown film applications



For optimum bubble stability, a special barrel air cooling system is available that includes a common remote mounted suction fan for all heater zones and a vacuum air plenum integral with the machine base that reduces the amount of heat near the extruder to eliminate air currents near the bubble area.

​Mechanical Design

The GENESIS Series gives new life to your older extrusion line!  Integrating your extrusion line into a complete solution is all about finding the correct partners, with experience and a proven track record for success.  ICT has taken the TEMPCOM design and aligned ourselves with other leading organizations to provide the best of brands solution when it comes to a new extrusion line for cast and blown film.  American Kuhne provides the mechanical components that are powered by a Siemens control hardware and TEMPCOM design.

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Giving new life to your older extrusion line

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