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DC drives and motors are inefficient and require "planned" downtime to maintain the motors, which means you pay more in utilities over time, and your production suffers.  Sadly, many companies repair old DC motors because they think its faster, but with ICT, we can ship AC Extruder Drive and Motor packages up to 500HP faster than most anybody!  We are able to do this because our systems are pre-engineered and kitted.  So you get the same quality product, every time!  We ship about 70-80 extruder drive systems every year, and offer one of the best warranties in the industry.  For more information, click the button.


ICT stocks large drives and motors, up to 500 HP!  Whether your need is a Yaskawa stand-alone or configured drive or an ABB/RPMAC motor, we have it in stock or quick access at a reasonable price.  In addition, we can supply: Unitronics OPLC and I/O, Parker DC drives, GEFRAN power controllers, instrumentation and sensors.. 

Control System Upgrades 


The PDQ Series of products have it all.  A pre-engineered solution that has a low price, quick delivery and excellent quality.  You can't build a system for this price!  You can't build it this fast!  You can't build it this well.  Our systems are fully featured and fully tested, designed specifically for extrusion by a company that is known for their products.  For more information, click the button.

Integrated Control Technologies (ICT) is offering a product enhancement for the Remote Drive Interface that works with the ACPAK that allows customers to start-up their AC drive package themselves with the expert assistance of ICT.   The SMART-UP ASSISTANT takes you step-by-step through the start-up of your ACPAK.  In addition, ICT can connect to your drive and verify the settings. THERE IS NOTHING ON THE MARKET LIKE THIS!!! 

The GENESIS Series gives new life to your older extrusion line!  This is an economical way to take your familiar existing loop control solution from functional, to exceptional.  The GENESIS Series replaces your existing loop controllers and pressure controller with new units capable of communicating to a PLC for coordinated control.  This solution gives your system remote and data access, diagnostics, recipes and much more!

Control system upgrades

The TEMPCOM Extruder Control System is an easy-to-use system designed to be intuitive to even the newest operators, reducing the concerns associated with operator errors in production.  When it comes to trouble-shooting, it is self-diagnostic and tells the maintenance staff exactly where to look to solve problems.  The additional capabilities for remote monitoring allows you to see the operational status and collect important data for trending performance.  For more information, click the button.