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Part Number: PDQMono-15-00-15-5-A-6X-3-0




Part Number: PDQWire-15-00-15-5-A-4X-10





Part Number: PDQPell-10-05-05-5-A-4X-03-00

Less sophisticated lines for pipe do not have to be difficult to operate or support.  introducing a new solution for pipe production, the PDQPipe.  This system has it all: Diagnostics, Data, Protective Features, and Remote Connectivity!  There is no other system on the market for this price, that can do this much!  Ask us for a Demo!

Mono lines are relatively inexpensive and the cost to upgrade can be difficult to justify, until now.  The PDQMono was designed specifically for Mono-lines in blown film facilities where the gearbox, barrel and screw are in good condition, but the controls are faulty or beginning to fail.  This system has all the features found in larger systems and in a package that can be used to replace any aging controls.  Pair this control with the ACPAK Extruder Drive and Motor package for a complete upgrade!


These environments are tough, but so is our design.  The PDQ Compounder and Pelletizer systems bring sophistication and durability to a product that is easy to understand and use.  Don't continue to try and do this with single loop controls, they are just not capable of getting you past the 1970's!  Don't just "fix it", UPGRADE IT!

Part Number: PDQComp-10-05-05-5-A-4X-03-00

Part Number: PDQPipe-15-00-15-5-A-8X-10



There are many features and options that can make replacing your current system easy.  The PDQWire offers flexibility in addition to consistency in your investment.  Image a system that has the same parts, same screen design, same panel layout, and even the same wiring numbers!  Less training for your maintenance AND operators...One control product, no matter the extruder mfg! 

The PDQ Series of extrusion control is the perfect blend of three components that make your investment worthwhile: Price, Delivery and Quality.  It is often said that you cannot have all three, but in this case, having a pre-engineered solution makes all the difference.  Introducing the PDQ Series of products by ICT!  This series of extrusion control offers the best of industry features and capabilities in UL listed panel that is built consistently with the highest level of quality.  You can try to do this yourself or have a system integrator try, but you will never match all three without ICT as your partner!